Case Study: How to run push ads on gambling offers with limited budget

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Traffic Source: RichPush

Tracking Tool: PeerClick

Affiliate Network: PeerFly

Vertical: gambling

I know that lots of people run push ads on gambling offers and achieve good results, so I decided to test this niche.


Used most of the macros available as I do not know which are useful. Will only know their usefulness after data comes in and perform comparison with the available optimization features. Setting up is pretty straightforward. I’m lazy and not creative enough, so will be using creatives provided by the advertiser for now.

Results after 1 day

No conversion and not enough traffic yet, so nothing to optimize.

If you have a budget and and you are sure in the offer and traffic, raise bids boldly. You will spend more on the campaign, but at the same time you will get more traffic.

I’m more conservative in my bidding as I started my bid at $0.01 and gradually increased my bid until I see traffic coming in. I’ll stop increasing my bid when I’m comfortable with the speed that the traffic is coming in and increase some more if conversions start coming in.

Newbies or those with lower budget like me may want to take this approach, especially for traffic sources with huge traffic volume. You can stay longer in the game rather than burn your whole budget within a few days and decide that the traffic from the source is junk. One of the biggest advantage of this strategy is that you can sort traffic by blacklists and whitelists.

Results in a week

That is what I have after 1 week:

  • no conversion yet
  • 666 clicks
  • $45 spent

For the GEO I’m running on, I need to bid around $0.07 per click to get reasonable traffic coming in. If the payout is $2, we need to get 1 conversion for every 28 clicks to breakeven. If the payout is $50, we can breakeven if we get 1 conversion in 700 clicks.

I just topped up again and will continue running this campaign for a while more to see if I can get it to convert. The data may not be a lot, but I’ll try blocking out some traffic sources. Of course, blocking these sources at such an early stage may not be the best strategy but I couldn’t spend lots of money on sources that don’t convert.

Before starting a campaign, it will be a good idea to ponder on the following:

  1. total budget willing to spend for the whole campaign
  2. number of clicks for each source before blocking them (if no conversion)
  3. calculate how many clicks we can get for our bid with our budget
  4. how many clicks per conversion to breakeven for our payout and bid.

I typically optimize by doing 2 things:

  1. blacklist sites, zones or publishers that are eating up budget and does not convert.
  2. create another campaign targeting the variables of the converted traffic.


Gambling offer was paused and I didn’t get final results. But this campaign push me to try other niches at RichPush.

I’ve created quite a few campaigns along the way, some for testing new offers, some for optimization. Managed to find 3 offers in 2 verticals that converted. Will definitely continue working with RichPush as the traffic does convert. My initial campaigns for offers that converted had just broken even and the optimized campaigns created from the conversions are making profits.

Notice that the conversion rate is quite low, so optimization is very crucial for things to work, not only for RichPush but also for all traffic sources. Most traffic sources have some high traffic zones/sites/publishers, and they might not work with our offer. Do not mistake them for useless traffic as they are probably working well with other offers/vertical, but we still need to exclude them from our offers if they are not working for us.

Hope my follow along helps people who are just starting out with push ads on gambling offers and have a limited budget. All the best to our marketing journey!

The case is based on materials of Luke from affLIFT forum.

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